Issabel call center backup and restore

Issabel call center backup and restore

Using issabel-4.0.0-1 from DVD ISO issabel4-USB-DVD-x86_64-20181002

This method you can copy your call center data to a new machine.

SSH to the production machine

This command makes a copy of the database to the local file directory
mysqldump -p call_center > call_center_backup.sql

this backup the file to the local folder.  WINSCP is a great windows application

move this backup .SQL file to the destination ISSABEL machine

SSH to the new machine you want to apply the backup

this command will upload the file INTO mysql/mariaDB
mysql -p call_center < call_center_backup.sql

You should pretty much be instantly able to view everything.

The same thing should work for the vtiger521 database as well

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