Unrecoverable Error when opening a QuickBooks Desktop file on a workstation

Unrecoverable Error when opening a QuickBooks Desktop file on a workstation

Perform the troubleshooting steps in this article if you are using a workstation to open a company file saved over the network and you get an Unrecoverable error. This could happen if the QBCF monitor service is running on a workstation that’s not hosting the company file.


  • Ensure your QuickBooks Desktop is up to date before following the steps below.
  • If you are running QuickBooks on a multi user environment and you have a dedicated server or machine for storage of your company file, make sure hosting is turned on in your server or main computer.
  • To prevent this issue form happening again, ensure that hosting is turned off in all workstations except the server.

Solution 1: Disable QBCF Monitor Service

  1. End the QBCFMonitorService.exe process.
    1. On your keyboard, press Ctrl+Shift+Delete to open the Task Manager.
    2. On the Processes tab, select the Image Name header to display the processes alphabetically.
    3. Select QBCFMonitorService.exe. and select End Process.
    4. Select Yes on the warning message.
  2. Prevent QBCF Monitor service from re-starting on the workstation.
    1. On your keyboard, press Windows+R to open the Run window.
    2. Type in services.msc and select OK.
    3. Scroll down on the list and double-select QBCFMonitorService to open the Properties.
    4. Choose Disabled as Startup type.
    5. Select Apply and OK.

Solution 2: Repair the QuickBooks Desktop Installation

See Repair QuickBooks for detailed instructions.

Solution 3: Follow the general troubleshooting for unrecoverable errors

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